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The possibilities of the Gallery Guide is only limited to your fantasy. It’s most commonly used for exhibitions just like a classic audioguide. But in comparison with the old traditional audioguide with IR-readers, this system has many advantages and the visitor can for example

  • get a clear overview over the exhibition and the different guides
  • Look at videos about the work, the artist, the exhibition or the museum
  • Look at images of the artwork
  • Start the visit from home or on the way to the exhibition

The Walking Guide is a super clever tool for anyone who for example wants to offer a guided city tour. Thanks to a cleverly built map tool it’s simpler than ever to follow a guided tour in town, in the park, or why not from the couch while at home?

When you arrive at the right spot you can listen to the guide, look at images and videos or read an article about the spot. Take out the headphones and turn up the volume on your speakers and you can as well go the guided tour together with a friend.

In addition to the guide system you can also chose to get an Event Manager. This means that the visitors easily can stay updated about everything that you arrange and information about new exhibitions and lectures as well as times for guided tours is easily updated and communicated.

The phone is today a natural part of our lives. The fact that your name and logo is seen several times every day in the phone is an excellent way to stay present between the visits. But with our smart system that’s not all.

Through the app one can get news sent from the museum. And when opening a new exhibition, arranging a new event or have a special offer in the cafe, the user will get notified about the good news with a message.


The system from AudioApps speaks as many language as you want it to. With a simple setting the user can make the guide speak the language he or she prefers.

AudioApps can produce your guide together with market leading partners. Read more about our partners and see examples!


This is the services we provide, but besides them we can customize solutions so that they fit you perfectly.